I was born in Milan and have been dedicated to photography since my youth.
I am self-taught and I have entered the profession first as an assistant to renowned photographers, and then with the experience I have gained in these 35 years of professional assignments.
I have worked all over the world and I am specialized in interior design and architecture.
I am an "artisan of the image", I achieve the best visual quality in spaces, facilities and services that the client offers in its commercial field.
I make images that communicate and differentiate, those that are worth more than words.
Since 1994 my studio is mainly dedicated to photographic realizations for Hotels & Resorts and hospitality .


I have an expert and complete production team capable of carrying out any order, with valuable specialists

in the final edition of the image, in graphic design and Web edition.


We travel wherever they need us and we budget according to the needs of the client.


Explain your project and ask me for information, it will be a pleasure to assist and advise you.

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    Marco Pastori


Interiorismo / Arquitectura

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