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I was born in Milan and I have been dedicated to photography since my youth. I have worked all over the world and I am specialized in interior design and architecture. 

I'm autodidactic. In my beginnings I have entered the profession first  collaborating  with renowned photographers, and since 1996 with my own studio that has  an expert and complete production team, capable of carrying out any order.

I have been the photography supplier of ABaC Group for more than 19 years.  I also collaborate  with many hotel chains and companies that require a rigorous level of image quality  who represent them.

I am an "image craftsman", I achieve the best visual quality in spaces, facilities and services that the client offers in his commercial field. They are images that communicate and differentiate.

Explain your project and ask me for information, it will be a pleasure to assist you and advise you.
 DayLight Studio Marco Pastori Fotografía

Customers who trust since 1994:

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